Lyceum Club

A tribute to the first club fighting for the rights of women in Spain

06 march 2019

During the Spanish Civil War, four women write in exile. They miss their homeland. Together with other women in the struggle, they recall how they set up the Lyceum Club, the first feminist club in Spain. The Lyceum Club advocated the rights of women and promoted their cultural, educational and professional development.

This show pays tribute to those women who pioneered the feminist movement in Spain, with the only power of their knowledge and courage. Written and directed by María Goiricelaya, it evokes the figures of María de Maeztu, Zenobia Camprubí, Carmen Baroja and Pilar de Zubiaurre.



The team

Written and directed by María Goiricelaya

Written and directed by: María Goiricelaya

Cast: Ane Pikaza, Nagore González, Olatz Ganboa, Getari Etxegarai

Live music: Adrián García de los Ojos

Costume design: Zapatitos de Charol

Production: Fundación Bilbao 700 – III Millenium Fundazioa




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50 minutes