Lehman Trilogy

Six musicians-actors tell a nice story about the drift of modern capitalism

20 to 21 october 2018

Lehman Trilogy is a contemporary work written by Italian playwright Stefano Massini that has been staged in theatres across Europe. Actor and director Sergio Peris-Mencheta has written the Spanish version. The story follows three generations of the Lehman family, starting with Henry Lehman, the eldest son of a Jewish cattle merchant. Henry left Bavaria for New York in 1844 in pursuit of the American dream. The play ends with the fall of the financial giant Lehman Brothers in 2008, whose consequences are still with us.

More than 120 characters are played by six musicians-actors who embark on a fascinating and fun journey through the rise and fall of modern capitalism. A sardonic and critical yet educational review of the ups and downs of the modern economy.

The team

Ballad for a Sextet in 3 Acts

by Stefano Massini

Adapted and directed by Sergio Peris-Mencheta

Cast: Pepe Lorente, Víctor Clavijo, Darío Paso, Litus Ruiz, Aitor Beltrán, Leo Rivera

Set design: Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE) with estudio deDos

Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)

Costume design: Elda Noriega

Video and sound design: Joe Alonso

Musical director: Litus Ruiz

Music score: Litus Ruiz

Vocal/dance coaching: Óscar Martínez, Xenia Reguant

Production manager and executive producer: Nuria-Cruz Moreno

Production: Barco Pirata



October 20. 07:30pm

October 21. 07:00pm


from €8,50 to €25

Friends of the Arriaga: From 25% to 35%
Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%: 25%
Theatre Professionals: 25%
Dto. última hora (para los colectivos anteriores, excepto Amigos/as de Arriaga): 50%
Last minute discount for Young Friend of the Arriaga: 70%
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% (in the proscenium, balcony and a companion)


2 hours 55 minutes /interval