Adaptation of the novel by Cristina Morales

It shatters the concept of disability and vindicates the right of all living things to govern themselves.

04 to 05 february 2023

Four women under the guardianship of the public welfare services. One of them escapes. A judge pursues her. An intensely comic and tragic story where the body is the centre of everything, the place of oppression and the only place from where it is possible to emancipate oneself.

Lectura fácil is a theatrical adaptation of the novel of the same name by Cristina Morales. A text that has received the Premio Nacional de Narrativa and is now in its twelfth edition. An explosive device that must retain its incendiary power as it moves from the book to the stage. It is a bomb designed to shatter the concept of disability and vindicate the right of all living things to govern themselves. Against a system that does not recognise vulnerability as a universal condition and divides life, in any of its expressions, into able or disabled, guardian or under guardianship, dominant or dominated.

Beyond organic disabilities, the text speaks of the political disability of living in a society where most of us have no way of intervening in the paramount decisions that determine community life, in other words: our life.

The team

Director and playwright: Alberto San Júan
From Easy reading, by Cristina Morales
Actors: Estefanía de los Santos, Carlota Gaviño, Pilar Gómez, Anna Marchessi, Marcos Mayo, Desiree Cascales, Pablo Sánchez
Scenography and costume design: Beatriz San Juan
Lighting: Raúl Baena
Lighting design and Soundscape: Fernando Egozcue
Movement (Feminine Sexual Initiative): Elisa Keisanen, Elise Moreau
Assistant director: Anna Serrano
Lighting assistant: Eduardo Vizuete
Executive producer: Macarena Garcia
Production manager: Josep Domènech
Distribution: Charo Fdz. Insausti Production: Bitò y Centro Dramático Nacional


Day 4 - 19:00h.

Day 5 - 19:00h.


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120 min.