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An The Aeneid spin off based on the novel Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

Unfortunately, wars repeat themselves. Fortunately, love is still present.

22 to 23 march 2023
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Lavinia is a mythological tale that draws freely from “The Aeneid” and places a woman at the centre of the story. Thanks to this shift in perspective, we will witness alongside Lavinia the arrival of the Trojans at their kingdom of peace, the beginning and end of a war, and the effects that all these events had on the story of this courageous, straightforward, and strong-willed woman. A narrative with contemporary significance since, sadly, conflicts are repeated and, thankfully, love is still present. A proposal that expertly and spectacularly integrates the concepts of time and space.

The piece is based on the novel Lavinia, by Ursula K. LeGuin. This open version of The Aeneid, provides a hitherto mute female character a voice.

Premiere at the Arriaga Theatre
Día 22 de marzo – Estreno en castellano.
Día 23 de marzo – Estreno en euskera.

The team

Adaptation and Dramaturgy: Juana Lor y Javier Liñera.
Artistic direction: Juana Lor.
Music Direction: Bettina Aragón Hillemann.
Cast: Yolanda Bustillo, Aitor Guisasola, Amets Ibarra, Karmele Larrínaga, Javier Liñera, Iñaki Urrutia.
Sound atmosphere: Itziar Madariaga.
Costume Design: Betitxe Saitua.
Illumination design: David Alkorta (A.A.I.).
Director's Assistant: Raira Rosenkratz.
Vocal Coach: Juan Carlos Garaizabal.
Coach and Euskera translation: Idoia Barrondo.
Poster: Oskar Luko.
Photos: Asier Corera.
Production: Kabia Teatro.
Distribution: Kabia Teatro & Nuria Hernando.
Collaborate: Teatro Arriaga


Day 22 - 19:30h.
Day 23 - 19:30h.


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