Alberto Iglesias

A theatrical tribute to the women stripped of their freedom and dignity, and to all those who had to live in silence.

02 to 05 march 2023
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Josefina, Magdalena, Dolores Isabel, Rosario… these are the names of the protagonists. For me, they are true heroines, an enigma made up of many women who inhabited the uninhabitable, who never deserved what happened to them, and to whom justice has never been served. This group, conceived from the dramaturgical point of view as a small cell of the anti-Franco resistance, only pretends to make themselves heard where nobody wants to listen to them. That is their mission, their conflict and their drama.

And why write this? Isn’t it better to turn the page, to settle into silence and leave all that behind? Never. Because sometimes, staying silent is to lie. And this is one of those occasions when the word is obliged to surface. Lift the curtain and uncover the wounds so that the air can finally heal and prevent the flesh of history from rotting; for that would be to condemn our present. We are witnessing it. We are experiencing it. We are regretting it. Speak out, repeat what has been said, until it sinks in, until the bones understand. That is the task of these Mothers of Remembrance. Knowing that then, and only then, will we be able to breathe freely.

Alberto Iglesias

The team

Direction: Javier Hernández-Simón.
Dramaturgy: Alberto Iglesias.

Cast: Itxaso Gil, Irene Bau, Lucía Lasarte, Vene Herrero, Itxaso González, Nagore Navarro, Gabriel Ocina, Unai Izquierdo.

Scenography: Gorka Martín.
Costume: Betitxe Saitua.
Illumination design: Alaine Arzoz.
Sound space: Álvaro Renedo Cabeza.
Graphic design: Gheada.
Assistant Director: Jon Ander Ribote.

Production management: Lucía Lasarte.
Production assistantships: Carmen San Esteban, Itxaso González.
Movement advice: Josu Garate.

A production by Marea Teatro, with the collaboration of Teatro Arriaga.
Harrobia Eskena co-produces.
With the support of the Álava Provincial Council, Emakunde, Kurtzio Kultur Etxea Sopelana and Teatrolari Escuela de Teatro de Navarra.

Acknowledgments: Ramón Ibarra, David Hernández, Eduardo Lasarte, Ana Martinez de Guereñu, Teresa Lasarte.


Day 2 - 19:30h.

Day 4 - 19:00h.

Day 5 - 19:00h.


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