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LAS BINGUERAS de Eurípides

A performance by Las Niñas de Cádiz

After the age of fifty, these ladies learn to come to terms with life.

22 september 2022

A group of women, led by the enigmatic Dionisia, gather in the afternoons in a half-hidden location in an old neighbourhood for a covert bingo game. Deep down, the game is nothing more than an excuse to get together, have a snack, discuss their sorrows, joys, and anxieties, and escape from a gloomy and repetitive reality. However, there is a police officer who is dedicated to making their lives difficult, always on the watch to close the establishment down under the guise of illegal bingo. They will strive to avoid it, but there will be surprises and unexpected encounters along the way, leading to a tragic and savage conclusion… Just like what happened in The Bacchae.

Las Bingueras de Euripides (The bingo players by Euripides) is the latest performance by Las Niñas de Cádiz. If the group tackled the Calderonian issue of free choice in a playful and humorous way in El viento es salvaje (Max Award for Best New Show, 2020), Las bingueras focuses on the eternal struggle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian. This new text focuses on a world, which is as mundane as it is delirious, where the gentle and the wild coexist without conflict. There is nothing more wild or more loving than these ladies who, at the age of fifty, begin to approach life face on, above traditions and good and bad, seemingly docile and genuinely rebellious.

The team

Author: Ana López Segovia.
Direction: José Troncoso.
Assistant director: Jesús Lavi.
Cast: Alejandra López, Mer Lozano, Rocío Segovia, Ana López Segovia, José Troncoso and Fernando Cueto.
Costume Design: Miguel Ángel Milán.
Sound space: Mariano Marín.
Lighting Design: Agustín Maza.
Image: Ideólogo.
Photography and video: Susana San Martín.
Image poster: Ideólogo.
Communication and press: CULTPROJECT.
Production consultancy: Violeta Hernández. LA SUITE.
Distribution: César Arias Barrientos.
Production: Las Niñas de Cádiz.


Day 22 - 19:30h.


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65 min.