One act, one stage, one character struggling with one instrument: her voice

04 to 05 March 2019

One act, one stage, one character struggling with one instrument: her voice. A love story that has come to an end, but the protagonist is not ready for it. How far can a human being go playing their last card in a phone call? The conversation, using the monologue technique, the musical turns, and the silences punctuate the opera, creating a perfect cadence and maximum tension. This makes The Human Voice one of the greatest works of the twentieth century.

Adapted by Bilbao-born writer and playwright Marta Eguilior, this new version of The Human Voice (Poulenc and Cocteau, 1958) is in keeping with today’s musicals and the musicality of the Spanish language. A soprano, Paula Mendoza, a small but carefully designed stage and a piano do the rest. Every gesture, every word, every piano response contribute to write a monologue where we can feel the soul of the character. One of the greatest monodramas of all time. A true tragédie lyrique.



The team

One-act opera by Francis Poulenc, based on Jean Cocteau’s The Human Voice

Music by: Francis Poulenc

Text by: Jean Cocteau

Directed and staged by: Marta Eguilior

Performed by: Paula Mendoza, soprano

Conductor/Piano: Carlos Calvo




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