Lydia Cacho

A brave and committed woman, a kidnapping, a corrupt government... a foreground plot.

07 to 08 october 2022

Lydia Cacho is a Mexican journalist and activist who has fought all her life against the violation of human rights. A brave and unswerving woman who has fought and fights for women’s rights and against the feminicide that plagues her country, risking her life in each of her journalistic investigations. Over the years she has challenged and denounced mafiosi, politicians and multimillionaire businessmen who attack, abuse, buy, rape or murder Mexican women and children.

La infamia is a work that grew out of Lydia’s autobiographical book Memorias de una infamia, which portrays the journalist’s kidnapping and the modus operandi of a government complicit in corruption and violence. With this book, Cacho won the Harold Pinter Prize for International Writer of Courage in the UK.

Lydia Cacho herself has collaborated in the creative process of this play, which combines theatrical and cinematographic narrative on stage; a camera follows the protagonist throughout, offering the spectator a close-up of the actress, so that we can dive more engrossingly into the psychological and emotional scenario proposed by the action. Thanks to the screen, we get to know Lydia through a visual narrative reported in the documentary and, at the same time, we are able to relive the kidnapping with her, on a more cinematographic level.

The team

Adaptation: Lydia Cacho y José Martret
Director: José Martret
Actors: Marta Nieto
Soundscape and costume design: Alessio Meloni
Lighting design: David Picazo
Sound design: Sandra Vicente
Digital scenography: Emilio Valenzuela
Camera operator: Alicia Aguirre Polo
Coproduction of Teatro Español and Producciones Come y Calla


Day 7 - 19:30h.

Day 8 - 19:00h.


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