by Manuel Martínez Velasco

The great Concha Velasco gives life to a successful agoraphobic writer who faces the most important decision of her life.

19 to 22 august 2021
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The famous writer Isabel Chacón is 80 years old today. The newly-awarded winner of the Planeta Prize, who was unable to receive it in person because of her agoraphobia, today celebrates her birthday with no public or family event to mark the occasion, as has been her custom in recent years. Confined to her home for 43 years now, due to her condition, Chacón has turned her home on the 47th floor of a Madrid skyscraper into her fortress where everything she needs (food, clothes, medicines…) is brought to her. This same night a fire breaks out and all the tenants are forced to evacuate the building.

But for Isabel this is impossible, she simply «cannot» leave the house. As the flames spread to the rooftop, in 75 minutes to be exact, Isabel will have to make the most important decision of her life confronting, in witty humour, her fears, her phantasms, and all her life traumas that have brought her to this juncture, before it is too late…

The team

Autor: Manuel Martínez Velasco.
Director: José Carlos Plaza.
Actress: Concha Velasco.
Stage design and lighting: Paco Leal.
Video scene: Bruno Praena.
Photography: Sergio Parra.
Graphic design: David Sueiro.
Producer: Jesús Cimarro.
UA production of Pentación Espectáculos.