Summer program

La Cubana: Adiós Arturo

Adiós Arturo is a song to life and an appeal to live it intensely

From 11 august to 09 september 2018

La Cubana returns to Bilbao this summer to offer its latest creation, Adiós Arturo, a mad comedy, with surrealist touches, that will draw a smile on the mouths of all those who come to the Arriaga Theatre. Adiós Arturo is a song to life and an appeal to live it intensely. This comedy is in line with the ingredients that characterise La Cubana, with its typical and inimitable style full of surprise and humour, and the participation of the audience, etc.

Adiós Arturo talks about the theatre. About the theatre in our daily life; the theatre in the street, in the markets, at work, in our families, with our friends and why not socially, where we deploy our performance skills in all kinds of  acts, “pretences”, parties, weddings, christenings, communions and burials.

 Since the death, at the age of 101, of the mufti-faceted international artist, Arturo Cirera Mompou, born in Bilbao in 1917, audiences will discover  the true script of the life of this well-known writer, painter, sculptor, art collector, poet, musical composer, playwright, actor and director from Bilbao.

 La Cubana is one of the most successful theatre companies, with a history of 38 years and 18 theatre shoes under its belt. It was created in 1980 by Vicky Plana and Jordi Milán (current director). It was founded in Sitges with a clearly amateur vocation, although it turned professional in 1983.

 The audience at the Arriaga has been able to enjoy several of its shows, with the most recent ones being Campanadas de Boda, which was performed at the Arriaga in the summer of 2013, and Mamá Quiero Ser Famoso, nine years earlier, in 2004. They were both big hits with the critics and public alike. Older audiences will also remember gems like Cómeme el Coco, Negro or Cegada de Amor, which could also be seen at the Arriaga Theatre.

The team

Text and script: Jordi Milán

Cast: Jaume Baucis, Xavi Tena, Toni Torres, Nuria Benet, Alex Gonzàlez, Babeth Ripoll, Montse Amat, Toni Sans, Edu Ferrés, Virginia Melgar

Music Joan Vives

Scenograpy and sets: Castells Planas

Choreography: Leo Quintana

Wardrobe: Cristina López

Charazterisation: La Bocas

Graphic design: Raúl Pascuali

Sound design: Jordi Agut

Ligting design: Arnau Aregay

Scenographic videos’ design: Joan Rodón (

Audiovisual proyection: Josep M. Marín

Trainer and keeper of parrot: Ivan Salichs

Management: Natalia Morillas

Comunication and Publicising: Pol Vinyes

Productionn: Frederic Santa-Olalla

Direction assistant: Juanjo Sánchez y Bernat Cot




Saturday 11. 08.00pm

Sunday 12. 07.00pm

Monday 13. 08.00pm

Tuesday 14. 08.00pm

Wednesday 15. 08.00pm

Thursday 16.  08.00pm

Friday 17.  08.00pm

Sunday 19. 07.00pm

Monday 20. 08.00pm

Tuesday 21. 08.00pm

Wednesday 22. 08.00pm

Thursday 23. 08.00pm

Friday 24. 08.00pm

Saturday 25. 08.00pm

Sunday 26. 07.00pm

Wednesday 29 08.00pm

Thursday 30. 08.00pm

Friday 31. 06.00 y 10.00pm



Saturday 1. 06.00 y 10.00pm     

Sunday 2. 07.00pm

Wednesday 5. 08.00pm

Thursday 6. 08.00pm

Friday 7. 06.00 y 10.00pm           

Saturday 8. 06.00 y 10.00pm     

Sunday 9. 07.00pm


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