“La Celia” is the musical show which, not long after its opening in Buenos Aires at Maipo Kabaret, has received unanimous praise from all of the specialist critics and has already won the Florencio Sánchez Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

In this show, Ivanna Rossi plays Celia Gámez, the Argentinian singer, actress and vedette who triumphed in Spain for more than four decades in a genre which she helped to create: the review. Her life, loves and millions made her a myth. And her songs such as “El Pichi”, “El beso” and “Los nardos” form an inseparable part of the sentimental memoir of that Spain.

With stage management by Emilio Sagi, musical direction and arrangements by Jordi López, stage space by Daniel Bianco, wardrobe by Renata Schussheim and choreography by Sibila, “La Celia” – also featuring Jimena González, Virginia Kaufmann, Virginia Módica and Pilar Rodríguez Rey, plus a small orchestra “ensemble” composed of piano, bass and violin- promises to be a great cabaret show this season.


The team

La Celia: Un musical homenaje a Celia Gámez
Santiago Castelo:
Cast: Ivanna Rossi
Stage management: Emilio Sagi
Musical direction, original score and arrangements: Jordi López
Idea and artistic productiona: Lino Patalano
Stage space: Daniel Bianco
Wardrobe: Renata Schussheim
Choreography: Sibila


Día 04: 20:00 h.
Día 05: 20:00 h.
Día 06: 20:00 h.
Día 07: 19:00 h.


from €8,50 to €25 / Whit discounts


1 hour 20 minutes No interval