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Juguetes rotos

Scenes in black and white that thwarted a man’s sexual and gender identity, as in many other cases

14 November 2019


Mario works in an office. One day he receives a life-changing phone call. And that is when his journey begins: back to his childhood, his home, his town. Scenes in black and white that thwarted his sexual and gender identity, as in many other cases.

A play that explores sexual identity in the 1960s and 1970s, as opposed to the present – an age of social change that reshaped the canon of what it meant to be normal.

The team

Performed by: Nacho Guerreros, Kike Guaza

Written and directed by: Carolina Román

Assistant director: Olga Margallo

Set design: Alessio Meloni (AAPEE)

Lighting design: David Picazo

Sound design: Nelson Dante

Costume design: Cristina Rodríguez

Assistant costume designer: Unai Mateos

Photography: Bárbara Sánchez Palomero

Poster photos: Sergio Parra

Makeup and hairstyling: Chema Noci

Producer: Henar Hernández

Production manager: Fabián Ojeda

Produced by: Producciones Rokamboleskas


7:30 pm.


€21 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% off
Groups, youths, 65+ seniors, unemployed, large families, persons with at least 33% degree of disability: 20% off
Last-minute discount (for all categories mentioned above, save for Friends of the Arriaga): 50% off
Last-minute discount for Young Friends of the Arriaga: 70% off
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% off (proscenium box with one companion)


80 minutes