Cancelled performances


To recover the cost of tickets purchased for cancelled shows, the procedure will be as follows:

If the tickets were purchased via Internet, the price will automatically be refunded, by crediting the credit card with which payment was made. Due to the large volume of tickets, we would ask you to please be patient.

If the tickets were purchased at the theatre, the price will be refunded once the confinement period is over, at Arriaga Theatre box office during normal working hours.


You can contact Arriaga Theatre Information Office. Monday to Fridays: 11:00-14:00 hours and 17:00-20:00 hours.



Enrike Solinis has been lucky enough to travel through space-time with Jordi Savall, taking part in each other’s ensembles and learning through each of their projects. And so now, it comes naturally to them to present, alongside their ensemble Euskal Barrokensemble, a new programme that takes the universal Basque figure of Juan Sebastián Elkano as the captain of a musical journey through his time and world.

The same man who set off 500 years ago on an expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan in search of spices, who travelled all around the world, and who is still largely unknown in much of the world, provides us with a glimpse of the past so that we may enjoy and understand the present. The guidelines have been laid down, and the principle is simple: music is the universal language par excellence that since time immemorial has joined and continues to join people from far-flung places.

The team

Euskal Barrokensemble-Erike Solinís

Artistic Direction, baroque guitar and lute: Enrike Solinis


7:30 pm.


from €9,50 to €25 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% up to 35% discount.
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, and people with a disability of more than 33%: 25% discount
Last minute discount (for the above groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50% discount
Last minute discount for Young Friends of the Arriaga: 70% discount
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)