Lied Koadernoa arises from the special need of composer Joserra Senperena to write songs from poetry, but it goes beyond that. With the performance of Maite Arruabarrena and the presence of the composer himself on the piano, the genre is both updated and revalued. Senperena draws inspiration from the works of the Romantics Schubert and Schumann, as well as from great 20th-century Basque composers like Pablo Sorozábal and Aita Donostia, while also keeping contemporary music in mind. Thus, we are presented with the work of one of the most interesting and eclectic musicians on the Basque scene, who transcends the genre and is destined to captivate a broad and diverse audience.

The team

Pianist and Composer: Joserra Senperena.
Mezzo-soprano: Maite Arruabarrena.


21/05/2025 7:30 PM


16€ /discounts

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