Joglars have turned their gaze on the media. Something that began with a pen or a chisel, over time, has become a voracious machine of success and power that, under the dominion of new technologies, has multiplied its production. Journalism, born out of the need to convey vital information for society, has become an entertainment business, focusing more on securing market share than on objectively describing facts.

Through satire, “Zenit, la realidad a su medida” invites audiences to reflect on the responsibility of the media and media consumers, on the way in which a certain kind of journalism as drifted, remembering that this is an essential profession to democracy.


The team

Written by: Ramon Fontserè and Martina Cabanas

Director: Ramon Fontserè

Cast: Ramon Fontserè, Pilar Sáenz, Dolors Tuneu, Xevi Vilà, Julián Ortega, Juan Pablo Mazorra.

Stage space: Martina Cabanas

Assistant director: Martina Cabanas

Wardrobe and props: Laura Garcia

Lighting design: Bernat Jansà