Father, here I am. For the sake of my fatherland and the whole of Greece, I will happily come to the men who have to take me to the altar for the sacrifice. I hope you are successful. I hope yours are the victorious spears and you are able to come back home.

Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis


Iphigenia en Vallecas is based on Iphigenia in Splott by Gary Owen, the Welsh playwright who won the James Tait Black Prize for Drama at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His retelling of the Greek myth moves the action to the present, filled with moral indignation. María Hervás has added another twist, bringing the action to Madrid. Her Iphigenia is a girl who neither works nor studies. She can be seen wandering about the neighbourhood at all times, often drunk, sitting and shouting. Everyone has the same thought: she is a slut, a bloody petty thief. But we owe her, and it is time for her to get what is hers.


The team

Iphigenia en Vallecas

by Gary Owen

 Adapted by: María Hervás

Director: Antonio C. Guijosa

Cast: María Hervás

Set design: Mónica Teijeiro

Lighting design: Daniel Checa

Sound design: Mar Navarro

Production: María Hervás, Serena Producciones




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1 hour 25 minutes