"A fantasy which over time has become reality".

01 to 03 october 2015

“A fantasy which over time has become reality”.

Disturbing and sharp, “The Hothouse” is one of Harold Pinter’s most accomplished plays, written in the 1950s but kept by him to be performed at the most appropriate time… thirty years later. Now, Mario Gas has revived it, in an adaptation produced by the writer Eduardo Mendoza, starring Gonzalo de Castro and Tristán Ulloa, among others.

In it, Pinter presents a satire of the bureaucratic workings and authoritarian government of an establishment, the exact nature of which is not revealed. It is not subject to any control and, apparently, any behaviour with regard to the lodgers is permitted. In the middle of celebrating Christmas, the manager and his team are faced with a birth and a death which have occurred inside this place. Who is to be held responsible? And how should one act in the event of such unexpected yet compromising incidents?

The team

The Hothouse, by Harold Pinter:
Adaptation: Eduardo Mendoza
Direction: Mario Gas
Set design: Juan Sanz and Miguel Ángel Coso
Lighting: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI)
Costume designer: Antonio Belart
Sound space: Carlos Martos Wensell
Cast: Gonzalo de Castro, Tristán Ulloa, Carlos Martos, Isabelle Stoffel, Jorge Usón, Javivi Gil Valle, Ricardo Moya
Production: Teatro del Invernadero, Teatro de La Abadía