Iba en serio

Accompanied by a magnificent cast, Jorge Javier Vázquez will go through the soundtrack of his life

24 to 27 march 2016

The journalist and television presenter, Jorge Javier Vázquez, is making his theatre debut. And he is doing so alongside Kiti Mánver – the indispensable face of our best films and a great theatre figure – in a show based on the novel by Jorge Javier himself; “Life was going well”, and presented by his production company Laboratorio de la Voz, which last season brought us “Miguel de Molina naked”.

 “It was going well” is, first and foremost, a celebration of life, a nonchalant musical show written and directed by Juan Carlos Rubio with musical direction by Julio Awad, in which Jorge Javier Vázquez tells us, or rather “sings to us”, some of those moments, anecdotes, friends and enemies which make up his story, which forged his character and both his personal and professional pathway.

 Accompanied by a magnificent cast, he will go through the soundtrack of his life, an eclectic and explosive musical cocktail where the fundamental objective is to entertain the audience and convince them that, whatever happens, they must “keep going”. Because life, as Chaplin said, “is a play that does not allow testing.” As such, sing, dance, cry and live each moment intensely, it is, sorry, it was, “going well”.

The team

Texts and direction: Juan Carlos Rubio

Musical direction: Julio Awad

Lighting: José Manuel Guerra

Set design: Ana Garay

Costume design: Tatiana de Sarabia

Sound design: Fran Gude

Cast: Jorge Javier Vázquez, Kiti Mánver, Víctor González, Alejandro Vera, Eduardo Morlans, Arantxa de Sarabia, Paco Pepe Martínez

Production: Laboratorio de la Voz



from €13 to €45 / discounts


90 minutes