Hurkus & Laika: bi ipuin musikatuak

Music: David Azurza / Script: Joxemari Iturralde - Bernardo Atxaga Musical story-telling

Music and words go hand in hand in this family show - entertaining musical storytelling

29 december 2021
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This lovely family show, halfway between a concert and storytelling, gives us the chance to enjoy two stories narrated with choral and musical accompaniment. In short, it is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of music and words in a way that is entertaining thanks to these two musical tales.


Hurkus is a lonely blacksmith who lives in a secluded house in the forest. His manners are coarse, but he is a good person. He works amidst sparks and hammers, accompanied by his dog Argus and his parrot Perroket. The people in the village say that he is grumpy, very mean and a complete slob. Opinions that reach all the way to hell. Satan, hearing that the blacksmith is so evil, decides to send Hurkus a devil to take him to hell. But Hurkus is a very clever chap.


Based on a text in Spanish by Bernardo Atxaga, written for children, ¿Qué pasa Laika? It is about an astronomy-loving girl who walks her dog every night and wonders what might have happened to Laika, the little Russian dog that went on the first manned trip to the moon. A beautiful reflection on life and how to face the difficulties that arise.

Performance in Basque

Family performance Recommended age group: age 8+

The team

Music: David Azurza
Script: Joxemari Iturralde (Hurkus); Bernardo Atxaga, with translation by Joxemari Iturralde (Laika)
Narrators: Andoni Aleman and Miren Lourdes Mitxelena
Insrumentalists: Kuraia Ensemble
Choir: Gernikako Gaudeamus korala
Director: David Azurza


29 - 19:30.


From 11 to 16€

Menores de 15 años 11 €

Mayores de 15 años 16 €