Life and work of Jose María Arizmendiarrieta by Gontzal Mendibil

Songs, stories and scenes to represent the life of someone who built a dream.

01 october 2022

The musical work is a recapitulation of the life and work of Jose María Arizmendiarrieta and his valid teachings for the present and future. The musical performance begins with the seed as the shoot and meaning that gave the man his name.

The musical is an artistic presentation of the man who inspired and promoted the cooperative model of Mondragon. From the human suffering of the war of 1936 and its harrowing aftermath to the business resurgence and its universal projection on his arrival in Arrasate-Mondragón in 1941. The performance is based on real events and situations in his history, with the artistic and musical staging recreated with choreographies and illustrations of images that had a direct relation with his life, and actions that marked the development of our people.

HAZIA, the seed of our symbolic reproductive tree defines the spirit of the protagonist. The fruit is born from the earth, raises consciences and envelops us. An analogue of our entrepreneur with a stamp of identity who was a builder of dreams and transformer of our future. Stories told, sung, staged that emerge from a root, from a voice, from a life, and from a particular place. In a difficult but very anecdotal time. The musical Hazia offers answers to the audience and will seduce them with its emotional action. The story of Arizmendiarrieta is the local, living and universal story of a man who, moved by action, has given sustenance and work to our people and whose cooperative perception will be captured in the musical HAZIA with the slogan “Building dreams” and his tenet: Beti Aurrera – Always forward!

The team

Script and direction: Gontzal Mendibil
Singing narrator: Gontzal Mendibil
Actor narrator (Arizmendiarrieta): Arkaitz Gartziandia
Actors and singers: Ainhoa Tabuyo, Maddi Otamendi, Eneko Asiain, Xanti Korkostegi Diana Irazabal, Begoña Rodriguez, Benito Patxeko, Antton Fernandez, Alberto Mendigutxia, Alfonso Diez, Samuel Gibert, Aritz Salamanca, Amaia Barasorda, Begoña Rodriguez, Adriano Herreros…
Musical theme creations: Gontzal Mendibil
Musical arrangement: Jose Luis Canal
Musicians: Jose Luis Canal, Angel Unzu, Raul Vera, Rober Caballero, Blas Fernández, Iker Tellería, Mau Zienkiewich, Maider Zapiain, Iñaki Diéguez, Joe González.
Choir: EASO Abesbatza
Choir direcctor: Gorka Miranda
Choreography and dance: OHIKA Dantza
Director: Aritz Salamanca
Dancers: Aritz Salamanca, Nerea Arregi, Katerin Artola, Sua Enparantza, Mattin Etxebeste, Antton Fernández, Aitor Garcia, Jone Mendiluce, Mederi Orbiso, Iker Sanz, Ane Urruzola.
Design and image content: Margarita Artiles
Illustrations: Pedro Diaz Bon
Sound: Angel Katarain
Lighting designer and projections: Iban Zubeldia
Sound: Neutroson
Lighting: ABS
Sound and lighting company: Uhina
Projections: Pixel
Characterisation: Alicia Suárez
Costume design: Begoña Rodriguez, Maxi Gutierrez, Lourdes Lezo
Assistants: Amaia Mendibil, Eva Ramírez, Inma Barbero
Musical arrangement: Gotzone Higuera
Production y direction: Máxima Gutierrez
Coproduction: ALE-MAXMA produkzioak


Day 1 - 19:00h.


From 17€ to 30€ /with discounts

Friends of Arriaga:

Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)


130 min. 15 minute break