Una nueva versión de “Hamlet” ofrecida por Miguel del Arco en el Teatro Arriaga

22 to 24 april 2016

A new version of “Hamlet” on our stage, offered on this occasion by Miguel del Arco, one of the leading lights on our theatre scene today, who has given us productions such as “La violación de Lucrecia”, “Juicio a una zorra” and “Misántropo”.

“Taking on Hamlet is a little suicidal, which is not a bad starting premise either for me, as I’m somewhat of a kamikaze, or for the Prince whose conscience yearns on a number of occasions to end his life so as to end his suffering. But as Harold Bloom says, Hamlet “has a mind so powerful that the most contrary attitudes, values and judgments can co-exist within it coherently”. To be and not to be at the same time and in such a boundless way as he himself is capable of thinking, “the dream of an infinite awareness”.

A boundless poem inhabited by a boundless character on a stage that is pure mental space. If I carry on thinking about it, I might not be capable of carrying on at all… Or I might carry on but not be capable of thinking. The contradiction has only just begun. I shall cling to Nietzsche’s line: Contradict yourself! To live you must remain divided.”
Miguel del Arco




The team

Adapted and directed by: Miguel del Arco
Stage design: Eduardo Moreno
Lighting: Juanjo LLorens
Wardrobe: Ana López
Sound: Sandra Vicente
Music: Arnau Vilà
Video: Joan Rodón
Cast: Israel Elejalde (Hamlet), Ana Wagener (Gertrudis), Ángela Cremonte (Ofelia) José Luis Martínez (Polonio / Enterrador 1 / Osric), Cristóbal Suárez (Laertes / Rosencrantz / Fortinbrás), Jorge Kent (Horacio / Guildestern / Reynaldo / Enterrador 2), Daniel Freire (Claudio)
Production: Aitor Tejada and Jordi Buxó




from €8,50 to €25 / With discounts


2 hours 40 minutes No interval