Claudio Giovanni Monteverdi (Cremona, 1567 – Venice 1643). He is the most important figure in the transition between the music of the Renaissance and the Baroque. He also composed what is considered to be the first opera ever written, Orpheus.

As a composer of madrigals, he published 8 books, of which the first 4 will be performed in 2017 in different formats to mark the 450th anniversary of his birth. His compositions combine harmonies and dissonances beautifully with exquisite and suggestive results.


Book One

The first ‘Libro dei Madrigali a cinque voci’ was published in the year 1587, when the composer was just 19. The madrigals contained in this book are composed in the polyphonic style characteristic of Renaissance music.

The harmonies created by the composer transcend the musical score and reach out to anyone who hears them, diving into the very depths of their humanity. Connecting with the most sublime yearnings and the most earthly of passions, creating a rich sonorous landscape filled with colour and subtly, a state of connection and communion with nature. A language of sound, evocative and suggestive, which sketches all manner of sublime and exquisite nuances for listeners to enjoy.

The team

Grupo Vocal Kea

Conductor: Enrique Azurza


1 March. 08:00hpm


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