Iñaki is 10 years old and suffers from leukaemia. Joxan, 46, has a piece of shrapnel from the Civil War in his brain. In a futureless hospital, past and present is interwoven with the dreams of the doctors, Miguel and Cristina. In the waiting rooms, you can hear lists of patients that never appear in alphabetical order. Carmen Martínez-Bordiú is in the headlines of the tabloids.

“Francoren bilobari gutuna” (Letter to Franco’s granddaughter) is the trauma x-ray of the bones and lies of a sick community from the need to survive.

Some years ago, three Basque companies, Artedrama (Bizkaia), Le Petit Théâtre de Pain (Lapurdi) and Dejabu Panpin Laborategia (Gipuzkoa), joined forces to create “Errautsak” and “Hamlet”. This union has undoubtedly breathed fresh air into Basque theatre, now offers the play in Basque that we can see at the Arriaga Theatre.

The team

Director: Ximun Fuchs

Authors: Unai Iturriaga, Igor Elortza

Cast:  Ander Lipus, Patricia Urrutia, Pako Revueltas, Erika Olaizola, Manex Fuchs, Zoila Berastegi, Urko Redondo

Lighting Design: Josep Duhau

Choreography: Philippe Ducou

Music: Asier Ituarte

Production: Artedrama, Le Petit Théàtre de Pain, Dejabu  Panpin Laborategia