Concert, story set to music - Open stage setting


Based on the idea and original instrument of Enrike Solinís, and on the word of the poet Juan Kruz Igerabide.
Euskal Barrokensemble.

The goddess Mari picked up a spade and put four strings on it... and children's imagination fly with this tale set to music.

26 december 2022

Once upon a time, some lamias were having fun playing with spades in a magical forest in the Basque Country. Suddenly the goddess Mari picks up one of the spades, cleans it and puts four strings on it: a brown one for the earth, a blue one for water, a transparent one for the wind and a red one for fire. This is how she created the Euskelele, an instrument with which to accompany her songs and which would later spread all over the world, adopting a different name and different music in each place.

This performance is based on the original idea and instrument of Enrike Solinís, and on the words of the poet Juan Kruz Igerabide. Beautiful melodies and traditional songs will be played by the Euskal Barrokensemble together with exquisite illustrations by Irrimarra. The Euskelele will make our imagination fly in this story set to music dedicated to children from the age of 3 upwards, inspiring us to sing and enjoy ourselves in equal measure.

The team

Original idea: Enrike Solinís.
Story: Juan Kruz Igerabide.
Chorus and dance: Urraitz taldea.
Voice and storyteller: Maika Etxekopar.
Vocals: Lore Zeberio.
Vocals: Leire Berasaluze.
Viola da Gamba: Lixsania Fernandez.
Violin: Miren Zeberio.
Double bass: Pablo Martin Caminero.
Percussion: Dani Garay.
Euskelele and direction: Enrike Solinís.
Lighting: Jabier Ulla Illustrations: Irrimarra.


Day 26 - 19:30h.


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