Euskal Barrokensemble is a group with a variable formation which came about at the beginning of 2006. It is made up of leading young musicians on the international ancient music scene. Its director and founder is Enrike Solinís, who after developing an international career in the most important groups specialising in ancient music, such as Hesperion XXI, Les Concerts des Nations, Concerto Vocale, Le Concert d’Astreé, etc…, decided to found a group that combines the great talent and training of its members and the freshness and enthusiasm of their performances.

 The group aims to bring classic and popular ancient music closer to diverse audiences stripped of as many prejudices as possible.

 Euskel Antiqua –title which refers to the archaic form of the word, as it appeared in Juan Pérez de Lazarraga’s 16th century manuscript – claims the tradition of a cosmopolitan Basque Country that is open to the main European currents that were fashionable at different times, influenced by St. James’ Way.

The team

Euskel Antiqua: The musical legacy of the Basque Country

Enrike Solinís

Euskal Barrokensemble