The Euskadiko ikasleen orkestra (EIO orkestra) is an ensemble of music students under 19 from all over Euskal Herria. Jon Malaxetxebarria is their conductor. In this concert, they will share the stage with the Derbyshire City & County Youth Orchestra, also a youth orchestra from the UK, in what promises to be an invaluable exchange experience (the Basque musicians will be coming to England as well) in addition to a delightful musical evening.

The EIO orkestra was established 13 years ago by the Basque Department of Education, in an effort to encourage teenagers to combine school with musical training. They have performed across the Basque Country and Spain, and also in Belgium, France, Venezuela and Colombia, under the baton of great conductors such as Maite Aurrekoetxea, Roberto Nuño, Diego Martin-Etxebarria, Iker Sánchez and Juanjo Mena.

 Part 1

– Orb and Sceptre            William Walton

– The Wand of Youth      Edward Elgar

  1. Obertura
  2. Serenata
  3. Minueto (estilo antiguo)
  4. Danza del Sol
  5. Gaiteros de hadas
  6. Escena del sueño
  7. Hadas y gigantes

Part 2

– Sinfonía Pirenaica         Jesús Guridi

  1. Andante sostenuto- Allegro molto moderato
  2. Presto ma non troppo
  3. Allegro brioso

The team

The Derbyshire City & County Youth Orchestra
Director: Peter Stark




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Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%: 25%
Last minute discount (for the previous groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50%
Last minute discount for Young Friend of the Arriaga: 70%
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% (in the proscenium, balcony and a companion)