Un enemigo del pueblo (Ágora)

To what extent can we stick to our ethics when this affects the livelihood of our household?

From 30 november to 01 december 2018

To what extent are we free? At what price? Do we self-censor? What is the value of our vote? It is legitimate to vote based on our own interests more than the common good?  Do I have the right to sell my vote? If that is what I intend to do, should my vote be taken from me? How many times are we permitted to look the other way in the face of injustice in return for not losing our job, or hurt someone or lose a position or risk our physical self? How much are we capable of keeping quite in exchange for the economic survival of our family?

A performing arts company receives public funding from a political party with opposing ideals and actions to its ethics. The members of the company decide to keep quiet so as not to lose the funding that makes their artistic project viable. How much moral force do they possess afterwards when they go on stage and try to show us their vision of the world?

Àlex Rigola has freely adapted and directed the classic work by Henrik Ibsen with a cast made up of Nao Albet, Israel Elejalde, Irene Escolar, Óscar de la Fuente and Francisco Reyes.



The team

An Enemy of the People, by Henrik Ibsen

Adapted and directed by: Àlex Rigola

Cast: Israel Elejalde, Irene Escolar, Nao Albet, Óscar de la Fuente, Francisco Reyes

Assistant director: Alba Pujol

Assistant director and producer: Lucía Díaz-Tejeiro

Drama writing advisor: Ferran Dordal

Lighting design: Carlos Marquerie

Set design: Max Glaenzel






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1 hour 30 minutes