Concierto – Espacio Foyer


Andrea Jiménez, Marion Desjaques, Néstor Sutil

A concert that champions women composers and celebrates their creativity, courage, and talent.

04 march 2025
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“The history of women has primarily focused on making visible what had been hidden for years, giving voice to that silence” (Soler Campo, 2016).

Over the years, the names of women who composed hundreds of pieces, gave countless concerts, and were notably famous in their time have been lost. Many of those women were denied musical education. Composition was something exclusive to men. The few women who managed to study were limited to playing music at home or teaching. Women had to strive to receive musical education and also to get their works published, even in cases of women who were famous performers. In fact, many female composers used male pseudonyms.

This program celebrates the figure of some of these women such as Augusta Holmès, Pauline Viardot, Mel Bonis, Jane Vieu, Cécile Chaminade, and the sisters Lili and Nadia Boulanger. A journey through both songs and flute pieces, arranged for the formation of harp, flute, and voice, highlighting the beauty and expressiveness of the original compositions. The versatility of this formation allows for exploring a wide range of styles and emotions, creating an immersive musical journey that celebrates the creativity and talent of these outstanding composers.

The team

Soprano: Andrea Jiménez.
Harp: Marion Desjacques.
Flute:Néstor Sutil.


04/03/2025 7:30 PM


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