El viaje a ninguna parte

by Fernando Fernán Gómez

A tribute to a professional vocation like no other, a small microworld of life and resistance

02 to 12 september 2021

“We must remember, we must remember,” says Carlos Galvan, son and grandson of Galvans, in his final tragicomic delirium.

El Viaje a Ninguna Parte talks about a way of practising the profession of comedian, in a touring company. Basically it talks about the profession. A small microcosm of life and resistance A centuries-old tradition that is constantly being reborn with different itineraries. A tribute to the profession. A profession like no other. “What a profession! What a profession!, that persists and reinvents itself from century to century. It dies and is reborn. In spite of the cinema, sound film, the radio, television, the Internet… the novel on which the play is based is written by a comedian, son of comedians, raised among comedians, and he knows what he is talking about, how he talks, why he talks. It has memory. It has life. El viaje a ninguna parte has become a permanent metaphor of this dramatic art that is reborn in every performance, wherever the function, it is unique and unrepeatable. It will not be the same in Tres Cantos, in El Cabezales, or in Hinojera, to give an example. Nor do you sleep the same in any of these places; there are beds and beds… These things can only be understood if you experience them, that is why it is best that you come with us, we invite the spectator to embark on this journey. A journey in which, even though we continue, you can alight whenever you want. It’s only theatre, although… it has venom, theatre has venom. Let’s go, the bus is leaving!.
Ramón Barea

Arriaga Theatre’s production

In co-production with:
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The team

Author: Fernando Fernán Gómez.
Theatrical adaptation: Ignacio del Moral.
Director: Ramón Barea.
Actors: Patxo Telleria, Mikel Losada, Ramon Barea, Itziar Lazkano, Irene Bau, Aiora Sedano, Diego Pérez, Adrián Garcia de los Ojos.
Soundscape: José Ibarrola.
Lighting: David Alcorta.
Costume design: Betitxe Saitua.
Props: María Casanueva.
Video: Gheada.
Assistant director: Galder Sacanell.
Assistant costume design: Carmen Corona Raya.
Assistant producer: Nagore Navarro.


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120 min.