El salto de Darwin

by Sergio Blanco

"Road theatre" which takes us from comedy to tragedy, from the most moving to the most detestable in human beings.

13 to 14 february 2021

El Salto de Darwin takes place the second weekend in June 1982, during the last battle of the Falklands War that culminated in surrender on 14 June. All the action takes place in distinct landscapes along National Route No. 40, which passes through Argentina from north to south. Each of the scenes revolves around a 1971 Ford Falcon

In the words of the director Natalia Menéndez; “This play unfurls over 3000 km one weekend in June 1982. Startling the five characters and a spectre, jumping between comedy and tragedy, it seeks peace but is at war. We go from “road scene” to theatrical poetry. From time as it seems to be, to the time that was or could have been. Heightening, on the one hand, the humour of many moments in the play, mixed with the extreme emotion produced by others. All in a simple and meticulous scenography. In other words, leaping and hopping, to achieve what is proposed in El Salto de Darwin.

The team

Author: Sergio Blanco.
Director: Natalia Menéndez.
Actors: Juan Blanco, Cecilia Freire, Olalla Hernández, Teo Lucadamo, Goizalde Núñez, Jorge Usón.
Scenic design: Mónica Boromello.
Lighting: Juan Gómez-Cornejo.
Costume design: Antonio Belart.
Video scene: Álvaro Luna.
Music: Luis Miguel Cobo.
Production: Teatro Español, Entrecajas Producciones Teatrales, Festival de Otoño.


13 - 19:00
14 - 19:00


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