Far from romanticism, passions now fugitive, the heart remains exposed to its wounds, those that leave this map of scars we call living. A pain that doesn’t always coincide with beauty, that can be violent, vulgar, laughable. It takes the appearance of capricious gods shooting erratic arrows that strike us when we least expect it, like death.

Love and its reverse, the breakup, the tearing between desire and reality, what could have been and wasn’t, the missed trains, shipwreck in our loneliness, the refuge in alcohol, depression, anxiety pills… finally, nostalgia, which leads us as close as possible to the truth, where we don’t write by trade but where pain becomes ink and seeps into the actor’s flesh.

A play that glimpses with humor and melancholy into the darkness of the heart, among which we have all been lost at some point, seeking something that turns so much pain into beauty. The only cauterizing agent, art. The one we seek in this alliance of Kabia and l’Enjolit with Eusebio Calonge, three cardinal points gathered around an essential and poetic theater, as they already made evident in their first work El Alimento de las Moscas.

The team

Text: Eusebio Calonge.
Direction and stage space: Borja Ruiz.
Performance: Arnau Marín.
Sound space: Roger Marín.
Singing (voice over): Yolanda Bustillo.
Director's assistant: Núria Serra Pareras.
Lighting design: David Alcorta (AAI).
Costume design: Azegiñe Urigoitia.
Production: Kabia Teatro, Teatre de l’Enjólit.
Collaborators: Teatro Arriaga, Trànsit Projectes.


20/11/2024 7:30 PM
21/11/2024 7:30 PM


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