Choreography by Israel Galván / Concept and direction by Natalia Menéndez

A dream and a nightmare about the mother-child relationship. It's neither theater, nor dance, nor flamenco... it's all of them at the same time.

11 to 12 october 2024

Born from an installation premise, DREAM, an anagram of MOTHER, is a venture to delve into the mother-child relationship. Motherhood, understood as a biological process that equates us with the rest of our fellow animals—not only mammals—can be tinged with affective connotations as close to love as to hate or, very often, awaken feelings that combine, beyond any rationality, these and many other impulses. This confusing and radical mix of sensations may resemble a DREAM/MOTHER. Or, perhaps, a nightmare.

An interdisciplinary ceremony, Dream, is a dream and a nightmare about the mother-child relationship. It is not theater, nor dance, nor flamenco, but it is all of them at the same time. A spectacle that inhabits the stage; where something strangely familiar is created; inhabited by many mothers and many children—who is the mother and who is the child? It is not clear nor intended. It is a celebration, a ritual, a ceremony of the child celebrating and fleeing from the mother. The rite itself holds very primal emotions that have always accompanied human beings since the dawn of time.

The team

Idea, creation, and direction: Natalia Menéndez.
Creation, choreography, and performance: Israel Galván.
Voice: Paquita Cobos Gil (voice).
Musicians: María Marín (guitar and vocals), Antonio Moreno (percussion), Juan Jiménez Alba (winds).
Musical advisor: Miguel Álvarez Fernández.
Lighting design: Valentín Donaire.
Sound space design: Pedro León.
Costume design: Micol Notarianni.
Set design: Pepe Barea.
Assistant director: Ana Barceló.
Una producción de Teatro Español e Israel Galván Company


11/10/2024 7:30 PM
12/10/2024 7:00 PM


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