By Steven Berkoff

A scathing, provocative play that haunts the audience, cornering and often forcing them to laugh to keep from crying.

26 to 27 march 2022

Decadencia is a scathing, provocative play that pursues the audience, corners them and often forces them to laugh to keep from crying. Its protagonists, two couples made up of three aristocrats and a hustler who aspires to profit from their weaknesses, are classist and racist, frivolous and heartless; they are hypocritical, banal and selfish; they act like predators; they have no principles and no limits, yet they fear that the wretches they despise will connive and attack them; their humour is sarcasm, their irony is rage; they are grotesque but dangerous and, above all, they are unhappy, empty although they want for nothing, neither their luxuries nor their lust satiate them: anything is better than nothing, except for them.

Steven Berkhoff is a magician of black humour and this play is a mirror and an X-ray: in the former, we see what our societies hide behind closed doors; in the latter, the moral diseases we suffer from. Brilliant and passionate acting by Maru Valdivielso and Pedro Casablanc in this hilarious text, which pierces and punctures, which dampens joy and laughs at the serious.

The team

Direction: Pedro Casablanc.
Cast: Maru Valdivieso, Pedro Casablanc.
Assistant Director: Laura Ortega Pinillos.
Adaptation: Benjamín Prado.
Set design: Sebastià Brosa /Silvia De Marta.
Costume Design: Antonio Belart.
Illumination design: Juanjo Llorens.
Sound space design: Irene Maquieira.
Choreography: Aixa Guerra.
Photography and image: Sergio Parra.
Graphic design: Rubén Salgueiros.
Production/Administration: Andrea Quevedo.
Production management: Ana Guarnizo.
Executive production: Mónica Regueiro / Carles Roca.


26 - 19:00.
27 - 19:00.


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75 min.