METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

A show of high artistic and technical rigour that offers a sensorial and seductive experience.

06 october 2022

CreAcción is a contemporary dance piece that emerged from an innovative participatory process with a group of people not linked to the world of dance. With this new creation, Metamorphosis Dance remains faithful to the search for excellence, in a performance of high artistic and technical rigour, in which virtuosity, physical work and a dynamic and attractive scenography predominate.

The performance offers a sensorial and seductive experience. The choreography moves the performers through space with precision and skill, seeking balance, elegance and communication with the scenographic technique, the lighting and the music, elements responsible for the enigmatic atmosphere of the work.

The team

Original idea and choreography: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich
Dramaturgy: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich
Scenography: Igor Bacovich e Iratxe Ansa
Original music: Juan Belda
Lighting design: Nicolas Fischtel
Costume design: Igor Bacovich
Dancers: Kate Arber, Katie Currier, Sephora Ferrillo, David Serrano, Igor Bacovich
Executive production: La Cía. de la Luz
Distribution: Claudia Morgana – Danzas del Mundo
Coproduction: Metamorphosis Dance, Museo Universidad de Navarra
With the support of the Basque Government and the collaboration of Alcorcon Town Council


Day 6 - 19:30h.


From 13€ to 25€ /with discounts

Friends of Arriaga:
From 25% to 35% DISCOUNT.

Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

Theatre professionals:

Last minute discount (for above-mentioned groups, except Friends of Arriaga):

Last minute discount for Young Friends of Arriaga:

People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)


65 min.