A musician who is constantly reinventing himself is back with a new record and a highly ambitious and carefully crafted…

13 November 2019

After a period of self-imposed personal retreat, 2019 will see Coque Malla return to the public eye in cracking form. Having received the Goya for Best Original Song in February, Coque Malla is releasing his new album, “¿Revolución?”, in October of this year, and shortly afterwards he will showcase his full range on stage in an ambitious and carefully crafted show, accompanied by that great band that is now his.

Coque Malla is a musician who is constantly reinventing himself. Change is his only constant, as he strives to overcome new limits in his music. With “¿Revolución” his desire to break the mould is more present than ever before. From the video of him shaving his head as an opener, to the inherent questioning present in the title, and the powerful image that accompanies the album, the work of visual artist Manomatic… everything indicates that this is a very promising project.