Esteban and Marigel have a hardware store. Esteban and Marigel love each other. Esteban and Marigel are happy and don’t ask many question. All is good. They are Estaban and Marigel. But one day the theatre comes to town and Esteban stops being Esteban…

“Why do we have to change our lives? Why do we have to over-think things? If we already have everything we want… leave the big questions to the poets. Just give me prawns and tranquillity. And don’t let anything get out of hand, it’s a desire to complicate life…”.

Conforming to fate is unconscious. What need do our dramatis personae have to suffer a revelation and throw their “tranquillity” out the window? None? Is Theatre necessary? Is Music necessary? Is Art necessary? To live or not to live, that is the question.

The team

Dramaturgy and direction: Jose Troncoso.
Cast: Carmen Barrantes y Jorge Usón.
Pianist: Néstor Ballesteros.
Composition and musical direction: Mariano Marín.
Lighting: David Picazo.
Scenography and costumes: Juan Sebastián Dominguez.
Stage makeup: Ana Bruned.
Photo: Javier Naval.
Production manager: Amelia Hernández.
Distribution: Emilia Yagüe Producciones.
Production: Compañía Nueve de Nueve.


7 - 19:30.


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