Recital that remembers three great composers, Reynaldo Hahn de Echenagucia, Henri Duparc andFelip Pedrell.

Reynaldo Hahn de Echenagucia (Caracas, Venezuela, 1874) was a composer, singer, pianist, orchestra conductor and French, Venezuelan and German music critic. He settled in France at an early age and also had German nationality. He was the lover of the writer, Marcel Proust, for two years, although the friendship continued until the death of the latter. He wrote songs in the French classic tradition, with an end of century  feeling, highlighting Si mes vers avaient des ailes, À Chloris (in the barroquizante style in tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach) and Quand la nuit n’est pas étoilée (adaptation of the poem by Victor Hugo). He also composed operas,  operettas,  chamber music and  orchestral music.

Henri Duparc (Paris 1848), although he only composed 17 songs, is a firm favourite among the great performers. His harmonic richness and the perfect communion between text and music turn each mélodie into an absolute gem.

Felip Pedrell (Tortosa 1841), the great maestro who influenced Albéniz, Granados, Falla and Gerhard, showed new generations a path to renewal by predicating the fusion of two almost opposing elements: popular music and erudite music. Following his time spent in Paris, where he fell in love with the French culture and language, he composed several songs based on texts by Victor Hugo and Theophile Gautier.



Elena Copons

Rubén Fdez. Aguirre

The team

Soprano: Elena Copons

Piano: Rubén Fdez. Aguirre

Music:  Reynaldo Hahn de Echenagucia, Henri Duparc and Felip Pedrell





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