Celebration of the 250th anniversary

Mozart, Arriaga, and Escudero come together to pay a musical tribute to one of the oldest institutions in Bilbao.

24 september 2024
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The Holy and Royal Mercy House of Bilbao is one of the oldest institutions in the city, celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. “La Misericordia” has witnessed all the ups and downs of Bilbao’s history and the region, serving as a clear example of the civil society that founded it and has continued to support it, with assistance from public institutions as well.

This concert aims to be a musical encounter featuring works by Francisco Escudero (music teacher at the Mercy House), music by Arriaga (who surely knew about the institution, founded thirty-two years before his birth), and music by Mozart. Mozart composed his Coronation Mass for Easter in 1779, and it will now be the centerpiece of this concert celebrating the founding of the SRCM in 1774.

The commemorative concert celebrating the 250 years of service and commitment of the Holy and Royal Mercy House of Bilbao begins with “Izar ederra,” an a cappella choral work composed by the illustrious Basque musician Francisco Escudero, closely linked to the musical life of the S.R.C. de Misericordia. This emotive composition symbolizes the essence of generosity and solidarity that have characterized the Mercy House throughout the centuries. Next, the Symphony in D in homage to local talent created by the prodigious Bilbao composer Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga will be performed. His music evokes the innovative and artistic spirit that has defined Bilbao as a vibrant cultural center. Finally, the highlight of this concert will be reached with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s majestic Coronation Mass. Its solemnity reflects the greatness and spiritual transcendence that characterize the humanitarian work of the Holy and Royal Mercy House.

The team

Director: Diego Martín-Etxebarria.
Soprano: Marta Ubieta.
Mezzosoprano: Maite Maruri.
Tenor: Josu Cabrero.
Bass: Julen García.
Orchestra: Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa (BOS).
Choir: Sociedad Coral de Bilbao.
Choir director: Enrique Azurza.


24/09/2024 7:30 PM



People with disabilities in wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in box seats and one accompanying person).