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By Denise Despeyroux

Three actresses, a hypnotist... a fanciful proposal with humor and hints of drama.

05 june 2022

Culturals [Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies] of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government.

What happens when three “former actresses”, united by success and separated by failure, meet again? And what happens if a hypnotist fleeing from justice crosses their path and takes on the false identity of a Scottish playwright? T de Teatre joins forces with the author and director Denise Despeyroux to participate in this humorous fantasy play with its touches of drama.

Renata, in the midst of an existential crisis, cajoles Rita and Greta to come and visit her in the old country house, in a remote Catalan village, inherited from her mother. Twenty-six years ago, the three of them were responsible for the first great success of the Scottish playwright Malcolm Logan; now they are nothing. As fate would have it, while this reunion is being schemed, two other events coincide. On the one hand, the famous playwright, always a steppe wolf on the run from society, at the height of his career decides to retire and live in the woods. On the other hand, Jonas, an expert hypnotist, together with his assistant Valentina, has just experienced a tragic event that keeps him awaiting trial. When the three friends and the two fugitives meet in the village tavern, Renata has no doubt: the man with the tormented countenance is Malcolm Logan and they must convince him to write his last and definitive success for them. Jonas however, in the midst of an identity crisis, will not let this opportunity to become a famous and enigmatic genius pass him by.

The team

Authorship and direction: Denise Despeyroux
Translation: Sergi Belbel
Cast: Mamen Duch, Marta Pérez, Carme Pla, Albert Ribalta, Àgata Roca
Scenography: Alejandro Andújar
Costume design: Mamen Duch
Lighting: Rubèn Taltavull
Original music: Pablo Despeyroux
Production: T de Teatre , in collaboration with the 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona and the support of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals [Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies] of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government.


5 - 19:00h.


21€ /with discounts

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90 min.