Audiences at the Arriaga Theatre are already familiar with Anne Etchegoyen, the great Basque singer originally from Saint-Palais, in Iparralde. With her music, she has become a prophet in her own land, but she has also grown beyond those frontiers, and her performances have moved and captivated audiences in France, Spain, Italy, and Argentina. Looking at the figures, they speak volumes about her success: over 70,000 records sold, one gold disc, and over a million views of her video of “Txoria txori”, by Mikel Laboa.


In September 2015, she decided to embark on a spiritual and personal quest, by journeying along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. In one month, she covered 880 kilometres, and this has been a source of inspiration for her forthcoming album, which promises to be a true human and musical adventure, taking us closer to her roots and beyond the Basque borders. Because, true to her values, Anne Etchegoyen looks back to her origins as she opens out to embrace the world.


The team

Anne Etchegoyen & Aukeran & the Ikastola Paz de Ziganda children’s choir & male voice choir