An und aus

What happens in this hotel is the result of a surrealist imagination

18 april 2018

Every Monday, in a small hotel by the docks three couples meet up Mrs Z. and Mr A., Mrs A and Mr Y, and Mrs Y and Mr Z. They are all cheating on their partners, without knowing that their own husbands and wives are lying in bed in the room next door with someone else. The bespectacled young man who works in the small hotel knows all the guests and also knows about their secret rendezvous. He, too, partakes in this love game.

Suddenly, a brief flash, a moment of irritation, something is wrong. Suddenly, Mrs Z has two heads, and Mr A is missing his mouth. Mr Y’s heart burns while his wife’s heart turns to stone. The girl rides her bike through the night in search of the boy. What happens in the hotel and its exterior is the result of a surrealist imagination. Nothing remains as it is.


Performance in German with surtitles in Basque and Spanish

The team

The team

Director: Burkhard C. Kosminski

Stage design: Florian Etti

Wardrobe: Lydia Kirchleitner

Music: Hans Platzgumer

Lighting: Nicole Berry

Dramaturgy: Ingoh Brux

Cast: Sven Prietz, Anne-Marie Lux, Katharina Hauter, Stefan Reck, Ragna Pitoll, Fabian Raabe, Hannah Müller, Reinhard Mahlberg      

National Theatre of Mannheim Production




from €8,50 to €24 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% to 35%


1 hour 40 minutes /no interval