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by AXUT Konpainia

How far can we go for love?

05 to 06 october 2021

Ana has invited two former lovers from her youth to a cabin in Irati. One last weekend, for what they were and what they dreamed. Aitor and Txolarre will come, but they don’t know that there are going to be three of them. They have loved each other very much, they love each other very much, but it is difficult to share what is so intimate. Leaving aside exclusivity, romance, ego, ownership, customs, culture and education, even just for one single weekend, it will end up in a gallant interior chaos. In the wild jungle, among deer and mushrooms, the distance between what everyone thinks, says and does will expose the characters.

We have often been told that the utopia of freedom is in its infancy, but in the name of love, how far can we go? Song and images offer a poetic respite to the audience, filled with pain, regret or illusion.

Performance in Basque.

The team

Director: Ximun Fuchs.
Choreography: Philippe Ducou.
Script: Arantxa Hirigoyen, Maite Larburu, Manex y Ximun Fuchs.
Cast: Maite Larburu, Manex Fuchs, Ximun Fuchs.
Music: Maite Larburu.
Scenography and costumes: Fran Dussourd.
Lighting designer and technician: Aitz Amilibia.
Sound design: Philippe Barandiaran.
Video creation: Eñaut Castagnet.
Photo: Ainhoa Resano.
Graphic design: Roberto Quintana.
Producción: Iasone Parada, Argi Perurena, Mikel Unamunzaga.
Distribución: Irantzu Azpeitia.
Mediación: Arantxa Hirigoyen.


Día 5 - 19:30 h.
Día 6 - 19:30 h.


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