Love always give us a chance.

23 to 27 december 2015

Love always gives us a chance.

Children are playing in a country where everything begins. They strive to discover the world by transforming their universe. They imitate grown-ups, boldly and confidently. They even dare to love without knowing its true meaning. They are quick to become enemies, even before they find the word hate in their pockets. They know about smells, skin, caress, neglect, refuge, desire. They don´t know about time.

And suddenly, over sixty years have passed.

Now advanced in years, they pull handfuls of words out of their pockets, watching them fall like withered leaves. They know about smells, skin, caress, neglect, refuge, desire. And, paradoxically, they are quick to become enemies when they already know the true meaning of love. They know about time. What they don´t know is that love always give us a chance.



The team

Author and director: Jokin Oregi
Artistic director: Elisa Sanz
Cast: Ana Meabe, Andurina Zurutuza, Ana Martínez, Javier Renobales and Pablo Ibarlucea
Lighting: Xavier Lozano
Sound space: Pascal Gaigne
Production: Teatro Arriaga and Tartean Teatroa




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55 minutes