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Patxo Telleria

Two teenagers go to the United States on one of those initiatory trips you take to get to know yourself.

23 march 2021

This is the story of Jone and Maria, two teenagers who travel to the United States to study for an academic year. They are very different from each other and do not see eye-to-eye. Jone has a positive opinion about the “American way of life”, while Maria is very prejudiced about Yankees. Jone’s luggage and documents are stolen at the airport, so the police arrest her on the grounds that she is an illegal Latin immigrant.

Given the language barriers and racial prejudice, she finds herself in a Kafkaesque situation. After a dramatic week, she is released and deported at the Mexican border. Jone encounters the dark side of the America she idolised so much, while Maria gets to know supportive people who reconcile her with the society she so despised.

Jone and Maria spend the whole course in the United States. This is the day they return home and they meet at the same airport as at the outset of the story. Although a year ago they detested each other, they now know they will be friends, forever.

The team

Author: Patxo Telleria.
Director: Mireia Gabilondo.
Assistant director: Vito Rogado.
Cast: Miren Arrieta, Nerea Mazo.
Scenography: Fernando Bernués.
Lighting design: David Bernués.
Audio-visual design: Acrónica Producciones.
Costume design: Ana Turrillas.
Technical direction: Acrónica Producciones.
Administration: Maite Gorrotxategi.
Executive producer: Ane Antoñanzas.
Production: Nagore Plazaola.
Distribution: Portal71.


Day 23 - 19:00h.


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90 min.