Kathak, a dance originally from India, and contemporary dance come together to tell the story of Amba, a princess kidnapped on the day of her wedding and dishonoured, she calls on the gods to seek vengeance. This new dramatic piece explores the issues of gender and sexuality, and the changes that time imposes on the body.

The dancer and choreographer Akram Khan revisits a story from the Mahabharata in what might be his most introspective work to date. In Until the Lions, Khan reflects on stage his fixation with female characters, often resistant but fully imaginative figures, frequently hidden until they are turned into uncounted unsung heroines, such as Amba.

The team

Director/Choreographer: Akram Khan

Narrative concept and writing: Karthika Naïr

Visual design: Tim Yip

Lighting design: Michael Hulls

Composer: Beautiful Noise (Vincenzo Lamagna)

Story: Ruth Little

Technical producer: Sander Loonen

Producer: Farooq Chaudhry


Artistic director: Akram Khan

Dancers: Ching-Ying Chien, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Rianto

Musicians: Sohini Alam, Joseph Ashwin, David Azurza, Yaron Engler