1936 (SHOCK.0)

by Andrés Lima

The portrayal of a great shock that would last 40 years and still has a decisive influence.

From 31 january to 01 february 2025
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‘1936 (Shock.0)’ is the theatrical project that will depict our civil war. Following ‘Shock 1 (The Condor and the Puma)’ and ‘Shock 2 (The Storm and the War)’, which are based on the advancement of disaster capitalism through coups and wars, this reflection arises from the need to understand our contemporary history marked by the first major shock of the 20th century after the First World War: the coup d’état of July 18 that led to a civil war lasting three long years. If we understand “shock” as the violent blow to a society that leads to the implementation of an economic, political, and social regime, what was experienced in Spain in ’36 initiated a great shock that would last 40 years and still has a decisive influence on all sectors and classes of Spanish society.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes (with two 15-minute intervals).

The team

Authors: Albert Boronat, Juan Cavestany, Andrés Lima, Juan Mayorga.
Playwriting: Albert Boronat, Andrés Lima.
Direction: Andrés Lima.
Director assistant: Laura Ortega.
Cast: Antonio Durán "Morris", Alba Flores, Natalia Hernández, María Morales, Guillermo Toledo, Paco Ochoa, Blanca Portillo, Juan Vinuesa.
Choir: Coro de Jóvenes de Madrid.
Choir Director: Juan Pablo de Juan.
Scenic and Costume Design: Beatriz San Juan.
Lighting Design: Pedro Yagüe.
Music: Jaume Manresa.
Video Creation: Miquel Àngel Raió.
Makeup: Cécile Kretschmar.
Sound Design: Enrique Mingo.
Check IN Productions Producer: Joseba Gil.
Co-production: CDN, Check In Producciones, El Terrat.


31/01/2025 6:00 PM
01/02/2025 6:00 PM


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