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The text by Juan Diego Botto and directed by Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

In the promised land, an odyssey unfolds that diverges from the dreamed...

26 march 2025
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After the unforgettable “Una noche sin luna,” the duo of Juan Diego Botto and Sergio Peris-Mencheta returns with a new theatrical proposal: “14.4.” Botto as the playwright and Peris-Mencheta as the director bring us this work aiming to explore, through a language that is starkly realistic yet unabashedly lyrical and poetic, the journey that separates two worlds just 14.4 kilometers apart. We will follow the story of Ahmed (portrayed on stage by Ahmed Younoussi), a child who escapes from family abuse to live on the streets of Tangier. There, in the streets of the port city, he encounters adventures, dreams, misfortunes, and an obsession that pervades everything… crossing to Spain. Spain is viewed as paradise on earth, the end of the road, the Ithaca that every traveler dreams of.

Ahmed manages to cross to the peninsula at the age of 9 hidden in the underside of a truck. And here, in the promised land, another odyssey begins, one that deviates from the dreamed but is not devoid of humour, adventures, networks of solidarity, and unexpected endings.

The team

Director: Sergio Peris-Mencheta.
Playwrights: Juan Diego Botto, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Ahmed Younoussi.
Performer: Ahmed Younoussi.
Set Design: Alessio Meloni (AAPEE).
Lighting Design: Javier Alegría.
Costume Design: Elda Noriega (AAPEE).
Sound Design: Benigno Moreno.
Video Design: Ezequiel Romero.
Music Composition: Joan Miquel Pérez.

A production by Barco Pirata in co-production with Teatro Español


26/03/2025 7:30 PM


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