Zazpi senideko

How to react when a brother or sister has been taken away from us?

07 to 08 january 2019

Brotherhood is a maze built since early childhood. It is a definitive bond. There is no way out. By blood or by choice, family makes a person complete. How should we react, then, when a brother or sister has been taken away from us? Jail, a road accident or an illness can create a hole in us that cannot be filled. How are we to keep the ‘US’ alive?

Two performers. Two siblings. And seven real-life stories on the stage.


The team


Director: Ander Lipus

Cast: Ximun Fuchs, Manex Fuchs

Stories: Lander Garro, Gaizka Sarasola, Lorentxa Beyrie, Aitzaro Arano, Argi Perurena, Unai Iturriaga, Eñaut Castagnet

Drama writing advisor: Igor Elortza

Lighting design: Josep Duhau

Set design: Josep Duhau

Video design: Eñaut Castagnet

Costume design: MARODI sorkuntzak

Music advisor: Asier Ituarte

Image design: No Media Estudio

Photography: Eñaut Castagnet

Production: Iasone Parada, Elorri Etcheverry, Xabino Alkorta, Katti Biscay, Elise Robert-Loudette

Distribution: Irantzu Azpeitia, Elorri Etcheverry





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1 hour 5 minutes