Zaldi Urdina

Aingeru must be found in less than a week; the clock is ticking

06 to 07 november 2019

Aingeru, a 17-year-old boy, has disappeared after the death of another boy, who suffered a heart attack at a techno party. A new drug known as blue horse was the cause, and the police are trying to find Aingeru, suspecting that he sold this drug to the victim.

22-Year-old Amets is Aingeru’s clean-living feisty sister. Together with grandma Karmen and Simon, a former local police officer, she decides to investigate. She needs to find Aingeru before the police do, and get him to court with a good lawyer, but she must do it in just one week, before Aingeru turns 18. The clock is ticking.

Basque language theatre

The team


Written with Unai Elorriaga and Igor Elortza

Director: Ximun Fuchs

Assistant director: Ainara Gurrutxaga

Cast: Ander Lipus, Manex Fuchs, Urko Redondo, Miren Alcala, Oier Zuñiga, Edurne Azkarate, Olatz Beobide

Choreography: Philippe Ducou

Music: Asier Ituarte

Wardrobe: Marodi sorkuntzak

Lighting and stage design: Josep Duhau, Aitz Amilibia

Technique: Aitz Amilibia

Image: Oier Zuniga

Photos: Ainhoa Resano

Media: Roberto Quintana

Teaser: Eñaut Castagnet

Production: Iasone Parada

Distribution: Irantzu Azpeitia

Intermediation, artistic and cultural training: Arantxa Hirigoyen

Co-producers: Donostia Kultura, La Scène Nationale du Sud- Aquitain, OARA, Hameka, Kultura Bidean, Opéra Pagaï Con el apoyo de: Eusko Jaurlaritza, La Drac Nouvelle Aquitaine, La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, Le Département des Pyrénées Atlantiques, euskal Hirigune Elkargoa, Etxepare Euskal Institutua Ayuda a la residencia: Euskal Kultur Erakundea

Basque language theatre


 6 – 11:00 am

7 – 11:00 am & 7:30pm


From €7,50 to €21 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% up to 35% discount.
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, and people with a disability of more than 33%: 25% discount.
Theatre professionals: 25% discount.
Last minute discount (for the above groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50% discount.
Last minute discount for Young Friends of the Arriaga: 70% discount.
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)


90 minutes