by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

A text full of suspense that pits two men against each other in a cruel and sinuous game of truth.

14 october 2021

Based on the legendary text by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, performed in more than 50 countries, and directed by Román Calleja, the play Variaciones enigmáticas offers us an intriguing journey interlacing two characters, played magnificently by Juan Gea and Alberto Iglesias.

Abel Znorko, winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature, lives alone on an island in Norway near the North Pole and journalist Erik Larsen visits to interview him about his latest book “Amor inconfesable”. The interview promptly turns into a passionate dialectical confrontation, full of enigmas: Who do we love when we love? Do we perhaps know who the loved one is? Is shared love just a happy misunderstanding? Around these eternal mysteries of human feeling, the two men confront each other in a cruel and sinuous game of truth, accompanied by a succession of revelations that each one unveils to the other in the course of a wisely distilled suspense.

The team

Author: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
Translation: Juan José de Arteche.
Adaptation: Alberto Iglesias.
Director: Román Calleja.
Cast: Juan Gea, Alberto Iglesias.
Music: «Variaciones Enigmáticas» (Edward Elgar).
Scenography and costumes: Palco Tres Gestión SL.
Lighting design: Rafa Mojas, Felix Garma.
Sound: Guillem Gutiérrez.
Executive producer: Juan Calzada.


Día 14 - 19:30h.


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